Quality Policy

BUPARTECH is a company of services and, IT consulting, with local and Latin America presence, that based on our experience and methodology, we can provide products and services with high added value; so we chose the following guidelines that allow establish our quality policy:

Customer Satisfaction

We are fully committed with the satisfaction of our customers, so we manage timely and efficient all your requirements, maintain the confidentiality of your information, ensure that the results of our processes meet all your expectations, and we care about strengthening a relationship of trust and respect in the long term and, the commitment of regulatory guidelines.

Human Capital

We strengthen the knowledge of our employees and empower their skills through integral training plans, that lets improve the quality of our products and services, we channel to meet the planned objectives by the organization through the professional growth of our team.

Technological Update

Our challenge is to work with the best technology, oriented to develop and strengthen the processes of our customers, allowing them to adapt to a technological world, more dynamic and modern, without losing sight of their reality and needs.

Continual Improvement

We implement a management model based on international standards of quality that allows us to improve and adapt our processes to a technologically globalized world that gives us new markets and opportunities to offer products and services with added value.


Quality Objectives

  • Increase the rate of the customer satisfaction.
  • Strengthen the competency of human resources in our company.
  • Strengthen the characteristics of the services provided.
  • Increase the profitability in the execution of the projects.

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