valores 1

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do in business. It is our firm conviction where the ethic and values in business are the foundation of a strong business relationship towards long term.

Whether in the work environment, interpersonal relationships, and the work itself, our values are deeply embedded in each member of BUPARTECH and all of us are proud of it. Therefore, we believe in:

Customer First: all our actions and decisions are focused on responsibly meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

High Productivity and Proactivity: with a positive attitude and taking our responsabilities, we look to make things happen.

Collaborative Work: we work as a team to deliver high quality products to serve our customers.

We are Reliable:  we accomplish what we offer.

Professionalism: We face our tasks conscious of what we should do, covered on our knowledge.

Excellent at work:  our job is simply…. Excellent.

We are responsible for our people:  We are interested in their growth and both, personal and professional welfare, we offer equal opportunities … we look for happy individuals.

Flexibility:  We adapt to meet the changes in our environment.

Integrity:  Our actions are consistent with our values.