Software Quality Management

The software quality management emerges as a specialized service that connects business objetives with the constant technological innovation that generates increasing needs and demands added value to customers.

It is about a refreshing concept, changing the old tests schemas about a large number of detected faults in the productive process, to advance the correction of a partial or complete implementation of a technological solution. Therefore, our service covers:

  • Test management.
  • Quality assurance of technological solutions.
  • Cyclic tests on full coverage of business processes.
  • Regression testing and re-testing for correctness of incidents detected.
  • Control and monitoring of the quality of the application, progress and test coverage.
  • Automated loading tests.

Complying with international standards, we manage the quality of software as a project with knowledge and experience, delivering to our customers the arguments necessary for timely decision making, reducing the risk of costly budgets invested in strategic projects.

BUPARTECH has certified staff in PMP™ in Project Management, ISTQB™ in Software Quality Management and extensive experience in projects implementation of technological solutions that guarantee an excellent service and highly efficient.

Our quality is your best ally.

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