Software Factory

The Software Factory (Spanish: Fábrica de Software (FDS)) of BUPARTECH has been designed to generate custom applications, with high quality for our customers at national and international level, FDS includes a set of human resources, materials, processes, methodologies and structured techniques that employ the best practices created for processes, development, testing, versioning, deployment, support and maintenance of the software, using in its operation,  indicators of quality and productivity at each stage of the life cycle of the applications development.

FDS of BUPARTECH born as a response to the necessity of alleviate the uncertainty that has on the development of software projects in areas as:

  • Reliability of the products to be released.
  • Keep the project budget and schedule of the software development.
  • Lack of proper definition and follow up in the software production processes, as a effective means of performance and productivity of people who execute them.
  • Lack of standardization in the methods and tools used in the process.
  • Lack of tools for traceable products (requirements, products specifications, etc), that driven the processes.
  • Measuring service levels.

The Software Factory uses service delivery models on site, offshore or on-shore, for example: close locations to our customers, where we speak the same language, have the same schedule and, we can mobilize in short periods of time. Thus, we add value to the solutions developed and, maintain significant costs reductions in IT projects for our customers, without sacrificing quality in the deliverables.

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