Professionals Services


We have a select group of consultants, specialists, programmers, that allow us to take customized projects, implementation and support of systems. Our experts can be assigned to our customers under their own administration or project mode “turnkey” for which we use the facilities of our Software Factory.

Functionals and Users

Experts in Banking, methodologies of processes, functional testing and certification and, further have the knowledge of Core Banking systems from several supplies houses, they are part of the projects for our customers directly or through our Software Factory.

Java or .Net Developers

We have a group of developers for all levels: Junior, Senior, Specialists and Expert Architects in Net and Java, which can be engaged by our customers with the creditworthiness of our consultant and also, with BUPARTECH support and his team work.

Applications Testing Specialists

Software development requires a counterparty to verify and validate the proper functioning of the application release, for which we have expert consultants in preparing and executing functional testing, certification, stress and volumen, which can be assigned to support our costumers in their internal projects of development.

Java and .Net Architects

Our company brings together an important number of proffesionals with extensive consulting experience, specialized in the following platforms: JEE, SOA, BPEL and RIA, which includes the implementation and production of development systems on these platforms and architectures. We help our customers to move into advanced technologies, becoming strategic allies through the participation with their teams on internal developments, optimizing the maximum use of technology.

PMI Project Managers

The sucess of software projects is directly related with the capabilities of the employees assigned to them, as well as the proper and efficient project management. Therefore BUPARTECH, assigns Project Managers certified in PMP™ and, offers this specific service also to the customers.

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