IT Consulting

Application Architecture

We provide architecture consulting oriented on SOA services, SOA Governance, ESB Integration Buses, Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), Application Architecture of Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), web applications, Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex. Support for application deployment on multilayer platforms. Support the implementation of methodologies and development best practices. Support on making technological decisions for procurement and use of technology. Development of JEE applications for production environments.

Optimization Application

The growth of the organizations generally associated with an increase in the number of customers and therefore operations, transactions made to the databases, which causes them to grow, in almost all the cases, in geometric form, this growth affects the performance of the applications, in some cases become so critical that the online service and, batch applications are severely affected. Our optimization experts substantially improve performance, reviewing the BDD configuration and, application programming.

Database Services

Through our database experts on SYBASE, ORACLE and SQLServer, we perform diagnostic tasks and BDD tuning server, developing policies for proactive management. This service is related to consulting, that we can do to optimize the performance of your applications.

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