Sirtech and Vigia


BUPARTECH is a distributor of SYSTECH products, a consulting company specialized in the prevention and detection of financial crimes.

Through this alliance, BUPARTECH provides to the companies fighting financial crime and fraud, a wide range of solutions, for example: VIGIA® for Banks, Stock Exchange and, Insurance Companies; SIRTECH® for Central Banks and, FIUs; VisuaLinks™, the most advance tool, flexible and adaptable for the visual analysis of entities, relationships and patterns of behavior that are hidden into the data; and DIG™, the unrivaled solution to integrate safely and effectively, different data resources scattered in several organizations and, at different levels inside the same organization, creating a virtual data warehouse.

The main characteristics of VIGIA® are:

  • Generates the Suspicious Transaction Report, allowing to generate a XML file.
  • It is adaptable to new requirements (parameters: dispatcher, segmentation, statistics, alerts).
  • Can detect suspicious transactions in an automated manner, increasing the case detection of money laundering (indicators, rules, workflow, knowledge base).
  • Also, it provides the possibility to perform queries to external databases, publics like: OFAC, Bank of England List, Australian DFAT List, United Nations.
  • Consolidated Sanction List, Global Money Laundering Task Force List, etc. Optionally, Systech Vigia has operating agreements of main private databases.
  • Increase the information security.
  • Facilitates the information exchange with different financial intelligence units and governmental organizations.

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