Project & Test Tool

It is a tool of software quality assurance, that is used with the web browsers of the market.

Meet the attributes of functionality, security and usability, etc. It was designed to meet the total testing process:

  • Planning of test cases based on business processes.
  • Planning of macro processes (scenarios).
  • User tests assignment according with the planning calendar.
  • Execution of tests and, register of the progress.
  • Register of written evidences and, graphics of testing and incidents.
  • Flows of requirements and incidents up to the development and/or effective correction.
  • Automatic generation of test evidence documents.
  • Generation of progress reports, coverage and quality.
  • Storage of important volumes of test data.

Project & Test Tool has been used in strategic projects of software implementation; also in daily production processes to support the areas of IT Quality Assurance, getting very positive results.


  • Allows managing test cases and conditions in a business process approach.
  • Allow to manage the entire tests cycle, from the scope definition, cases, scenarios and test conditions, until control, planning and execution.
  • Manage the entire incidents cycle, fully associated with the process of testing.
  • It has a large numbers of reports (that you can export to Microsoft(R) Excel) with pivot tables options.
Uses and Functionality

Project & Test Tool can be used in large projects to manage thousands of test cases, planning and execution control, as well as areas of quality control of institutions that provide regular maintenance to their technological platform.

Technical Requirements

Project & Test Tool (TM) is an application 100% web enabled and, it runs in almost any browser available in the market.

Success Stories

Caja de Ahorros: in the technological upgrade project called: “i”, of the Caja de Ahorros during 2012 and part of 2013, Project & Test Tool was used to manage and register the certification process of the CORE upgrade platform. The application was used for around 100 users during the project, including the technological areas of the bank, as well as the supplier of the solution, enabling a smooth control of the certification process.

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